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Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth: Rising Tide received its second big update on November 30, 2015. The following is a full list of the change notes.

New Features/ChangesEdit

  • "Domination Plundering" - When you take an opponent's final city during a war, you will now see the Spoils of War screen so that you can claim you War Score difference in techs and/or yields
  • "Wonder War" - AI will now be far more aggressive when players complete a Planetary Wonder, including messaging via Communiques and Confrontations
  • "Black Market: Sell" - You are now able to assign an agent to "Sell" unwanted resources via the Black Market in Covert Ops
  • "Artifacts Overview" - You are now be able to see what rewards you've unlocked by researching Artifacts (found under the + button in the bottom-right of the screen)
  • Updated colors for Chungsu sponsor


  • Fixed an issue that could cause Victory quests to not progress correctly when performing quest steps out of order
  • Moving a water city to claim Frigid minor Marvel nodes will now properly grant 20xGeothermalBE Geothermal (assuming "Ice and Conquest" was completed)
  • Aquatic units will no longer change to embarked version when Completing "Point of No Return Null" quest with aquatic city
  • Fixed an issue that could inappropriately cause "An Elemental Fate" to fail if an aquatic alien nest was used
  • Fixed an issue that would cause "Solid State Citizen" to complete before all objectives were met
  • Fixed multiple quests so they will no longer ask players to build land-only buildings in water cities


  • You will no longer gain or lose respect when you declare war due to an alliance
  • Fixed an issue that could break Diplomacy screen on Windows 10 machines with certain settings


  • Fixed an issue that could cause tile improvements to disappear in base Beyond Earth
  • Fixed an issue where affinity quest pop-ups would have the incorrect image displayed
  • Outposts will now show correctly in Combat Preview
  • Added support to show alternate colored civ icons in Trade Route


  • Fixed an issue where a sponsor's model would not appear if the city banner was selected while still in the process of meeting them
  • Brought Rising Tide's Alien Nest icon to base Beyond Earth


  • Reduced yield strength for internal city trade routes
  • Increased values of international city trade routes
  • Fixed Pioneer Spirit city plot culture modification to match text as intended
  • Fixed Alien Preserve quest reward now properly matches text
  • Submarines are now included correctly in 'Bonus vs Naval Ranged' unit perk


  • Fixed an issue that allowed Workers to build roads or magrails on water city tiles
  • Fixed text overlap issue in some tutorials
  • Fixed an issue where the Gene Vault would not produce Worker units appropriately
  • Damage preview shows correct value for embarked units

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