Civilization VI Overview
CIVILIZATION VI - E3 2016 Walkthrough12:13

CIVILIZATION VI - E3 2016 Walkthrough

The venerable Civilization strategy game series is celebrating its 25th anniversary with the launch of Civilization VI, due out on October 21. In addition to returning the series to terra firma after 2014's Civilization: Beyond Earth, the latest edition to the franchise brings with a wealth of gameplay tweaks and new features. Find out all about them in this Instant Expert.
What's new in Civilization VI
There will be 18 civilizations at launch, with returning favorites sitting side-by-side with brand-new civilizations like the Kongolese and the Scythians.
Religious victory
Replacing the previous Diplomatic victory condition is the Religious victory, in which you must have 50% of every civ's cities following your religion.
Districts are a brand-new gameplay feature that allows your buildings to expand out beyond the city center and opens up new strategy options.
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Civilization VI Launch Trailer02:45

Civilization VI Launch Trailer

CIVILIZATION VI - Devs Play as Brazil01:28:51

CIVILIZATION VI - Devs Play as Brazil

CIVILIZATION VI - First Look The Art of Civilization VI - International Version (With Subtitles)03:23

CIVILIZATION VI - First Look The Art of Civilization VI - International Version (With Subtitles)

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