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Civilizations are playable factions, each of which represents a historical nation, empire or cultural group. Each civilization in Civilization VI has a unique ability and two unique components.

In addition, each leader has his or her own unique ability and pursues a specific agenda throughout the game. Some leader abilities also provide an additional unique unit, for a total of two.

For civilizations with multiple leaders to choose from, the unique unit, infrastructure and ability remain unchanged regardless of the leader chosen; only the leader ability and AI agenda are affected.

Vanilla Civilization VI includes 18 different civilizations at the launch, with Aztecs (19th) as a pre-order bonus, to be released for everyone 90 days after the launch.

List of CivilizationsEdit

Civilization Leader Civilization Ability Unique Unit Unique Infrastructure
American Teddy Roosevelt (Civ6) Teddy Roosevelt Founding Fathers

Earn government legacy bonuses in half the usual time.

P-51 Mustang Film Studio
Arabian Saladin (Civ6) Saladin The Last Prophet

If Arabia has not founded a religion and only one more Great Prophet may be earned, Arabia immediately receives the final prophet.

Mamluk Madrasa
Aztec Montezuma (Civ6) Montezuma Legend of the Five Suns

May rush districts with builders. One builder charge is worth 20% of the total production cost.

Eagle Warrior Tlachtli
Brazilian Pedro II (Civ6) Pedro II Amazon

Rainforest tiles provide +1 housing to adjacent neighborhoods and +1 adjacency bonus to Campus, Commercial Hub, Holy Site, and Theater Square districts.

Minas Geraes Carnival District
Chinese Qin Shi Huang (Civ6) Qin Shi Huang Dynastic Cycle

Eurekas and Inspirations provide 60% of the cost of civics and technologies rather than 50%.

Crouching Tiger Great Wall
Egyptian Cleopatra (Civ6) Cleopatra Iteru

Districts and wonders are built 15% faster if adjacent to a River. Floodplains do not block the placement of districts and wonders.

Maryannu Chariot Archer Sphinx
English Victoria (Civ6) Victoria British Museum

Each Archaeology Museum holds +3 Artifacts and can support an additional Archaeologist.

Sea Dog Royal Navy Dockyard
French Catherine de Medici (Civ6) Catherine de Medici Grand Tour

+20% Civ6 24x production Production toward Medieval, Renaissance, and Industrial era wonders. Tourism from wonders of any era is doubled.

Garde Imperiale Chateau
German Frederick Barbarossa (Civ6) Frederick Barbarossa Free Imperial Cities

Each city may construct one more district than its population would normally allow.

U-Boat Hansa
Greek Pericles (Civ6) Pericles Plato's Republic

Receive +1 wildcard policy slot regardless of government type.

Hoplite (Civ6) Hoplite Acropolis
Gorgo (Civ6) Gorgo
Indian Gandhi (Civ6) Gandhi Dharma

Cities gain the follower beliefs of all religions practiced within them.

Varu Stepwell
Japanese Hojo Tokimune (Civ6) Hojo Tokimune Meiji Restoration

Districts receive +1 standard adjacency bonus if adjacent to another district.

Samurai Electronics Factory
Kongolese Mvemba a Nzinga (Civ6) Mvemba a Nzinga Nkisi

Relics, artifacts and great works of sculpture provide +2 Civ6 24x food Food,4 Civ6 30x gold Gold and 2 Civ6 24x production Production. Gain additional Great Artist and Great Merchant points each turn.

Ngao Mbeba Mbanza
Norwegian Harald Hardrada (Civ6) Harald Hardrada Knarr

Units may enter deep ocean after researching Shipbuilding. No additional movement cost to embark or disembark.

Berserker Stave Church
Roman Trajan (Civ6) Trajan All Roads lead to Rome

All cities start with a Trading Post, and new cities within trade range of the capital start with a road. Trade routes provide extra Civ6 30x gold Gold for each Roman city they pass through.

Legion Bath
Russian Peter (Civ6) Peter Mother Russia

Founded cities begin with additional territory. Tundra tiles provide +1 Civ6 24x production Production and +1 Civ6 24x faith Faith.

Cossack Lavra
Scythian Tomyris (Civ6) Tomyris People of the Steppe

Receive two units instead of one when building any Light Cavalry or the unique Saka Horse Archer.

Saka Horse Archer Kurgan
Spanish Philip II (Civ6) Philip II Treasure Fleet

Extra yields from inter-continental trade routes. May combine ships into fleets earlier than other civilizations.

Conquistador Mission
Sumerian Gilgamesh (Civ6) Gilgamesh Epic Quest

Whenever Sumeria clears a barbarian outpost, receive a tribal village reward.

War-Cart Ziggurat
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