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Civilizations are playable factions, each of which represents a historical nation, empire or cultural group. Each civilization in Civilization VI has a unique ability and two unique components: a unit and a piece of infrastructure, which may be a building, a district, or a tile improvement.

Civilization VI makes a distinction between a civilization and its leader, not unlike Civilization IV - each civilization can now have multiple leaders, and each leader comes with his or her own unique ability and pursues a specific agenda throughout the game (when controlled by the AI). Some leader abilities also provide an additional unique unit. So, the civilization's unique unit, infrastructure and ability remain unchanged, while the leader ability and agenda are affected by the leader chosen. Thus the same civilization may behave quite differently throughout the game, depending on which leader leads it. A wise player will learn not only all different civilizations' special abilities and units, but also their leaders' special traits and agendas, which will allow him or her to anticipate the AI behavior during the game.

Vanilla Civilization VI included 18 different civilizations at the launch, with the Aztecs (19th) as a pre-order bonus that became available to everyone 90 days after the launch. The Poles, Australians, Persians, Macedonians, Nubians, Khmers, and Indonesians have since been added as DLC.

For now, there are only two civilizations with multiple leaders: the Greeks, who may be led by either Pericles or Gorgo; and the Indians, who may be led by either Gandhi or Chandragupta (in Rise and Fall).

List of CivilizationsEdit

Icon Civilization Leader(s) Civilization Ability Unique Unit Unique Infrastructure
American (Civ6) American Teddy Roosevelt (Civ6) Teddy Roosevelt Founding Fathers

Government legacy bonuses accumulate in half the usual number of turns.
R&F-Only All Diplomatic policy slots in the current government are converted to Wildcard slots.

P-51 Mustang Film Studio
Arabian (Civ6) Arabian Saladin (Civ6) Saladin The Last Prophet

Automatically receives the final Great Prophet when the next-to-last one is claimed (if they have not earned a Great Prophet already). +1 Civ6Science Science for each foreign city following Arabia's Religion.

Mamluk Madrasa
Australian (Civ6) Australian3 John Curtin (Civ6) John Curtin3 Land Down Under

+3 Housing6 Housing in coastal cities. Building a Pasture triggers a Culture Bomb, claiming surrounding tiles. Campuses, Commercial Hubs, Holy Sites, and Theater Squares gain +1 to their yields in tiles with Charming Appeal, and +3 with Breathtaking Appeal.

Digger Outback Station
Aztec (Civ6) Aztec1 Montezuma (Civ6) Montezuma1 Legend of the Five Suns

Can spend Builder charges to complete 20% of a district's Civ6Production Production cost.

Eagle Warrior Tlachtli
Brazilian (Civ6) Brazilian Pedro II (Civ6) Pedro II Amazon

Rainforest tiles provide a +1 adjacency bonus for Campuses, Commercial Hubs, Holy Sites, and Theater Squares. Tiles in Brazilian territory gain +1 Appeal from adjacent Rainforests, instead of -1.

Minas Geraes Street Carnival/Copacabana
Chinese (Civ6) Chinese Qin Shi Huang (Civ6) Qin Shi Huang Dynastic Cycle

Eureka6 Eurekas and Inspiration6 Inspirations provide an extra 10% of the cost for researching civics and technologies.

Crouching Tiger Great Wall
Cree (Civ6) Cree R&F-Only Poundmaker (Civ6) Poundmaker R&F-Only Nîhithaw

Gains +1 TradeRoute6 Trade Route capacity and a free Trader upon researching Pottery. Unclaimed tiles within three tiles of a Cree city come under Cree control when a Trader first moves into them.

Okihtcitaw Mekewap
Dutch (Civ6) Dutch R&F-Only Wilhelmina (Civ6) Wilhelmina R&F-Only Grote Rivieren

Rivers provide a +2 adjacency bonus for Campuses, Theater Squares, and Industrial Zones. Building a Harbor triggers a Culture Bomb, claiming surrounding tiles.

De Zeven Provinciën Polder
Egyptian (Civ6) Egyptian Cleopatra (Civ6) Cleopatra Iteru

+15% Civ6Production Production towards districts and wonders if placed next to a River. Floodplains do not block placement of districts and wonders.

Maryannu Chariot Archer Sphinx
English (Civ6) English Victoria (Civ6) Victoria British Museum

Each Archaeological Museum can hold six Artifact6 Artifacts instead of three and can build two Archaeologists instead of one. Archaeological Museums are automatically themed when they have six Artifact6 Artifacts.

Sea Dog Royal Navy Dockyard
French (Civ6) French Catherine de Medici (Civ6) Catherine de Medici Grand Tour

+20% Civ6Production Production toward Medieval, Renaissance, and Industrial era wonders. Tourism6 Tourism from wonders of any era is doubled.

Garde Imperiale Château
Georgian (Civ6) Georgian R&F-Only Tamar (Civ6) Tamar R&F-Only Strength in Unity

When making a Dedication at the beginning of a Golden Age, receive its Normal Age bonus towards improving Era Score, in addition to its Golden Age bonus.

Khevsur Tsikhe
German (Civ6) German Frederick Barbarossa (Civ6) Frederick Barbarossa Free Imperial Cities

Each city can build one more district than usual (exceeding the normal limit based on Citizen6 population).

U-Boat Hansa
Greek (Civ6) Greek Pericles (Civ6) Pericles Plato's Republic

One extra Wildcard policy slot in any government.

Hoplite Acropolis
Gorgo (Civ6) Gorgo
Indian (Civ6) Indian Gandhi (Civ6) Gandhi Dharma

Receive Follower Belief bonuses in a city from each religion that has at least 1 follower.

Varu Stepwell
Chandragupta (Civ6) Chandragupta R&F-Only
Indonesian (Civ6) Indonesian6 Gitarja (Civ6) Gitarja6 Great Nusantara

Coast and Lake tiles provide a minor adjacency bonus for Holy Site, Campus, Industrial Zone, and Theater Square districts. +1 Amenities6 Amenity from entertainment to each Entertainment Complex adjacent to a Coast or Lake tile.

Jong Kampung
Japanese (Civ6) Japanese Hojo Tokimune (Civ6) Hojo Tokimune Meiji Restoration

All Districts receive an additional standard adjacency bonus for being adjacent to another district.

Samurai Electronics Factory
Khmer (Civ6) Khmer6 Jayavarman VII (Civ6) Jayavarman VII6 Grand Barays

+3 Civ6Faith Faith and +1 Amenities6 Amenity from entertainment to each city with an Aqueduct. Farms provide +2 Civ6Food Food if adjacent to an Aqueduct.

Domrey Prasat
Kongolese (Civ6) Kongolese Mvemba a Nzinga (Civ6) Mvemba a Nzinga Nkisi

+2 Civ6Food Food, +2 Civ6Production Production, and +4 Civ6Gold Gold from each Relic6 Relic, Artifact6 Artifact, and Sculpture6 Sculpture Great Work of Art in addition to the usual Civ6Culture Culture. Receive 50% more Writer6 Great Writer, Artist6 Great Artist, Musician6 Great Musician, and Merchant6 Great Merchant points. Palace has slots for 5 Great Works.

Ngao Mbeba Mbanza
Korean (Civ6) Korean R&F-Only Seondeok (Civ6) Seondeok R&F-Only Three Kingdoms

Mines receive +1 Civ6Science Science if there is an adjacent Seowon district. Farms receive bonus Civ6Food Food if there is an adjacent Seowon district.

Hwacha Seowon
Macedonian (Civ6) Macedonian4 Alexander (Civ6) Alexander4 Hellenistic Fusion

Receive boosts upon city conquest: a Eureka6 Eureka for each Encampment or Campus in the conquered city and an Inspiration6 Inspiration for each Holy Site or Theater Square.

Hypaspist Basilikoi Paides
Mapuche (Civ6) Mapuche R&F-Only Lautaro (Civ6) Lautaro R&F-Only Toqui

All units trained in cities with an established Governor gain 25% more experience in combat. +10 Civ6StrengthIcon Combat Strength bonus against civilizations that are in a Golden Age.

Malón Raider Chemamull
Mongolian (Civ6) Mongolian R&F-Only Genghis Khan (Civ6) Genghis Khan R&F-Only Örtöö

Starting a TradeRoute6 Trade Route immediately creates a Trading Post in the destination city. Receive an extra level of DiplomaticVisibility6 Diplomatic Visibility for possessing a Trading Post in any city of a civilization. All Mongolian units gain +3 Civ6StrengthIcon Combat Strength for each level of DiplomaticVisibility6 Diplomatic Visibility on their opponent.

Keshig Ordu
Norwegian (Civ6) Norwegian Harald Hardrada (Civ6) Harald Hardrada Knarr

Units gain the ability to enter Ocean tiles after researching the Shipbuilding technology. Units ignore additional Civ6Movement Movement costs from embarking and disembarking.

Berserker Stave Church
Nubian (Civ6) Nubian5 Amanitore (Civ6) Amanitore5 Ta-Seti

+50% Civ6Production Production toward Ranged units. All Ranged units gain +50% combat experience. Mines over strategic resources provide +1 Civ6Production Production. Mines over bonus and luxury resources provide +2 Civ6Gold Gold.

Pítati Archer Nubian Pyramid
Persian (Civ6) Persian4 Cyrus (Civ6) Cyrus4 Satrapies

+1 TradeRoute6 Trade Route capacity with Political Philosophy civic. Receive +2 Civ6Gold Gold and +1 Civ6Culture Culture for routes between your own cities. Roads built in your territory are one level more advanced than usual.

Immortal Pairidaeza
Polish (Civ6) Polish2 Jadwiga (Civ6) Jadwiga2 Golden Liberty

Culture Bomb adjacent tiles when completing an Encampment or Fort inside friendly territory. One Military policy slot in the current government is converted to a Wildcard slot.

Winged Hussar Sukiennice
Roman (Civ6) Roman Trajan (Civ6) Trajan All Roads Lead to Rome

All cities you found or conquer start with a Trading Post. If in TradeRoute6 Trade Route range of your Capital6 Capital, they also start with a road to it. TradeRoute6 Trade Routes earn +1 Civ6Gold Gold for passing through Trading Posts in your own cities.

Legion Bath
Russian (Civ6) Russian Peter (Civ6) Peter Mother Russia

Extra territory upon founding cities. +1 Civ6Faith Faith and +1 Civ6Production Production from Tundra.

Cossack Lavra
Scottish (Civ6) Scottish R&F-Only Robert the Bruce (Civ6) Robert the Bruce R&F-Only Scottish Enlightenment

Happy cities receive an additional +5% Civ6Science Science and +5% Civ6Production Production. Happy cities generate +1 Scientist6 Great Scientist point per Campus and +1 Engineer6 Great Engineer point per Industrial Zone. Ecstatic cities double all these amounts.

Highlander Golf Course
Scythian (Civ6) Scythian Tomyris (Civ6) Tomyris People of the Steppe

Receive a second light cavalry unit or Saka Horse Archer each time you train a light cavalry unit or Saka Horse Archer.

Saka Horse Archer Kurgan
Spanish (Civ6) Spanish Philip II (Civ6) Philip II Treasure Fleet

May build Fleets and Armadas earlier than usual (Mercantilism). TradeRoute6 Trade Routes between multiple continents receive bonus Civ6Gold Gold from routes to other civilizations, and bonus Civ6Food Food and Civ6Production Production for routes between your own cities.

Conquistador Mission
Sumerian (Civ6) Sumerian Gilgamesh (Civ6) Gilgamesh Epic Quest

When you capture a barbarian outpost, receive a tribal village reward in addition to the usual Civ6Gold Gold. Pay half the usual cost to levy city-state units.

War-Cart Ziggurat
Zulu (Civ6) Zulu R&F-Only Shaka (Civ6) Shaka R&F-Only Isibongo

Cities with a garrisoned unit get +3 Loyalty per turn, or +5 if it is a Corps or Army. Conquering a city with a unit will upgrade it into a Corps or Army, if the proper Civics are unlocked.

Impi Ikanda

1 Preorder DLC. Became available for all players free of charge 90 days after the release of the game.
2 Added in Poland Civilization & Scenario Pack (20 December 2016).
3 Added in Australia Civilization & Scenario Pack (23 February 2017).
4 Added in Persia and Macedon Civilization & Scenario Pack (28 March 2017).
5 Added in Nubia Civilization & Scenario Pack (27 July 2017).
6 Added in Khmer and Indonesia Civilization & Scenario Pack (19 October 2017).
R&F-Only Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.


CIVILIZATION VI - How To Choose a Civilization

CIVILIZATION VI - How To Choose a Civilization

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