Cleric (CTP1)
Attack 0
Ranged Attack 0
Defend 1
Moves 2
Vision 1
Cost 270
Required technologies


Made obsolete by

Mass Media

Other attributes
  • Convert City
  • Soothsay
  • Sell Indulgences

The Cleric is a unit in Civilization: Call to Power.

Historical InfoEdit

With his long, flowing robe and holy glow, the Cleric is not all he appears to be. He'll seduce your people with promises of redemption - maybe even a little flagellation. Not only will he save their souls in the process, he'll also start collecting coffers of gold. Every turn, the flock of followers will tithe hefty sums of gold.

What's more - they'll also give him their religious devotion - making it very difficult for their political leader to ever attack the now wealthy Cleric or his government. Whoever said salvation was free?

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