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A colonist is the main kind of productive "unit" (meaning "person"!) in any of the Colonization games.

"Free Colonists" are the ordinary sort, with no special skills but no handicaps. They generally produce three units per turn in any activity in the central tile of a colony but increase that to 4 or 5 if the colony has production bonuses.

Any free colonist can acquire a specialist skill, which usually doubles his productive capacity in that field but makes no change for other kinds of work. Ways to acquire skills:

Unit Requires Cost Attack Moves
Elder Statesmen (Col) Elder Statesmen University 1900 1 1
Expert Farmers (Col) Expert Farmers Schoolhouse 1100 1 1
Expert Fishermen (Col) Expert Fishermen Schoolhouse 1000 1 1
Expert Fur Trappers (Col) Expert Fur Trappers Schoolhouse N/A 1 1
Expert Lumberjacks (Col) Expert Lumberjacks Schoolhouse 700 1 1
Expert Ore Miners (Col) Expert Ore Miners Schoolhouse 600 1 1
Expert Silver Miners (Col) Expert Silver Miners Schoolhouse 900 1 1
Firebrand Preachers (Col) Firebrand Preachers University 1500 1 1
Free Colonists (Col) Free Colonists None N/A 1 1
Indentured Servants (Col) Indentured Servants None N/A 1 1
Indian Converts (Col) Indian Converts None N/A 1 1
Master Blacksmiths (Col) Master Blacksmiths College 1050 1 1
Master Carpenters (Col) Master Carpenters Schoolhouse 1000 1 1
Master Cotton Planters (Col) Master Cotton Planters College N/A 1 1
Master Distillers (Col) Master Distillers College 1100 1 1
Master Fur Traders (Col) Master Fur Traders College 950 1 1
Master Gunsmiths (Col) Master Gunsmiths College 850 1 1
Master Sugar Planters (Col) Master Sugar Planters College N/A 1 1
Master Tobacco Planters (Col) Master Tobacco Planters College N/A 1 1
Master Tobacconists (Col) Master Tobacconists College 1200 1 1
Master Weavers (Col) Master Weavers College 1300 1 1
Missionaries (Col) Missionaries University 1400 1 2
Petty Criminals (Col) Petty Criminals None N/A 1 1
Pioneers (Col) Pioneers Schoolhouse 1200 1 1
Veteran Soldiers (Col) Veteran Soldiers College 2000 3 1

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