Great Wonder introduced in Civilization IV

Only available in Classical and earlier starts.
Obsolete with the discovery of Astronomy (Civ4).
Hammer 250 (Double production speed with Copper)
Requirements Metal Casting and a Forge in a coastal city
Great People points 2 Great Merchant


  • Can only be built in coastal cities
  • +1 Coin for water tiles in all cities
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The Colossus adds extra commerce to all water tiles in your coastal cities. It also increases its city's odds of generating a Great Merchant.

Civilopedia EntryEdit

The Colossus of Rhodes was a bronze statue of Helios, the Greek God of the Sun, erected near the mouth of the city harbor. It stood over 100 feet high, about two-thirds the height of the Statue of Liberty. Unfortunately, an earthquake toppled it only 56 years after its construction. Taking the counsel of an oracle, the city elected to leave the statue where it lay. For over 900 years, people from all over the ancient world came to Rhodes to see the Colossus. It remained where it was until 654 AD when the Muslims who plundered the city sold the statue for scrap.