In the free-to-play game C-evo, battle outcomes are not random but depend precisely on the relative strengths (with a couple of other factors occasionally entering the equation). Before attacking, you can call up a diagram that shows the strengths and the outcome.

Who dies?Edit

The losing unit dies. The victor sustains damage, varying with its amount of superiority. However, if the loser was a Fanatic, the victor sustains double damage (unless protected by Sun Tzu) and may therefore die too. If the strengths are equal (e.g. 12/8 attacking 18/12), both units die.

Raw or basic strengthsEdit

Special unitsEdit

The special predesigned units have fixed raw strengths, the lowest attack strength (apart from the "0" of the civil units) being that of the Town Guard: 4.

Player-designed unitsEdit

Units designed by the players have their raw strengths determined by the relevant discovered advances and by the number of weapons or armor modules that are built in.


  1. Experience: Beyond the "green" level are four possible upgrades, each adding 25% to the raw attack and defensive strengths: one stripe is Disciplined; two stripes (which a unit gains immediately if built in a city with a barracks for ground units, a dockyard for naval units, or an airport for air units) is Hardened; three stripes is Veteran; and a Star is Elite. Apart from the "Hardened" start as noted above, a unit progresses up the scale after successfully sustaining and overcoming damage: "100% make one experience level". There is no way of telling how close a unit is to its next upgrade.
  2. Fortification: A unit that is not on a transport and did not move in the previous turn gains a defensive bonus of 50% of its raw strength (and appears with a little wall symbol at its feet).
  3. Buildings: In a city, City Walls add 200% to the raw defensive strength unless the attacker has Artillery. The Command Bunker adds another 100%. However, in a city a naval unit has only 50% strength and an air unit has none (though it still takes a whole movement point to destroy, which may be a critical advantage now and then). In a fortress, similar conditions apply.
  4. Terrain: terrain bonuses may enhance the defensive strength. For example, location on a hill adds 100% to the raw strength

More detailEdit

See the in-game details under Concepts > Unit Concepts > Combat.

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