Under Communism, the government is in the hands of a ruling "party" controlled absolutely by you, the Chairman. Although Communism allows greater production than despotism, the system restricts personal freedoms, limiting commerce. One positive aspect of Communism is its effect upon corruption and waste: all cities suffer the same, limited effects.


Advance required: Communism

Corruption and Waste: Communal

Worker Efficiency: 100%

Draft Limit: 2

Military Police Limit: 4

Hurry Production: Forced labor

War Weariness: None

- Free Units per -

Town: 2 (Civ3 and PtW), 6 (Conquests)

City: 4 (Civ3 and PtW), 6 (Conquests)

Metropolis: 8 (Civ3 and PtW), 6 (Conquests)

Civilization III Governments