The Civilization community is spread over multiple sites on the internet. Here we attempt to list and describe them all in alphabetical order.

2K ForumsEdit

The official forums of the publisher of the franchise, 2K Games.


Main article: Apolyton Civilization Site

Apolyton is one of the oldest, if not the oldest, still active Civilization site online.

Civ CastEdit

Main article: Civ Cast

Civ Cast is a weekly Civilization VI themed podcast, launched in September 2016.

Civilization Fanatics CenterEdit

Main article: Civilization Fanatics' Center

The Civilization Fanatics' Center, also known as "CivFanatics" for short, is a popular site with a large user base and lively discussions forums. Hosts regular "Game of the Month" scenarios.

Civilization Webring ForumEdit

Main article: Civilization Webring Forum

A German Civilization community.

Civilization WikiEdit

This wiki! The largest resource of Civilopedia information for all the different Civilization franchise games. Open for everyone to edit.


Main article: Reddit

The subreddit r/civ is where Redditors discuss everything civ. Large and popular.

The subreddit r/democraciv is where Redditors play a politically simulated version of Civ:


Main article: Steam

Steam's unique feature is the modding platform, the Steam Workshop, from which users can easily download hundreds of mods. It also isolates each different game into their own community.


Main article: YouTube

YouTubers post Let's Play (commentated walkthrough) videos and may also live stream their games. Some of the most famous include at least quill18, donald23, and Mad Djinn: