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The Spanish Conquistador, introduced with the Spanish civilization and Queen Isabella, was introduced in Civilization III: Play the World. They replace the Explorer, and go across all terrain as if it were a road. To create the Spanish Conquistador, you need to produce 70 shields. Their attack/defense/movement rate is 3/2/2. They also require Horses inside a strategic resource box to create.

Civilopedia EntryEdit

Following Columbus, a Spanish military group known as Los Conquistadores, "The Conquerors," were directed by Hernan Cortes to the New World with the soul purpose of seeking out new frontiers and riches in the unknown. The Conquistadores undertook their expeditions in the vast landmasses of the Americas at their own expense, risking their lives without aid from the Spanish royalty. Horses adorned with many bells enabled the Conquistadores to launch indomitable offenses against the American Indian natives who had never seen a horse before the arrival of the Conquistadores. Spanish-Conquistador conquests included campaigns in Guatemala, Peru, Cuzco, Columbia, Chile, the Bay of Honduras, and the Pacific Coastal regions.