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This section of the city help is designed to provide you with all the information you will need on building and constructing cities.

Cities are started in two ways: with Settlers or, for the Mongols only, by capturing a Barbarian village.

Cities are built by Settler units. You are given one Settler unit at the start of the game to construct your first city; as the game progresses you'll need to build more Settlers to found new cities and expand your empire. From time to time you may encounter villages which will provide you with a Settler, but this is rare so don't rely on this method. Instead, go to your city and build a Settler.


  • If your government is a Republic then a Settler is less expensive to train than with other government styles.
  • Enemy Capitals are created by the game's AI, unless playing on-line or on system link.
  • Cities cannot be founded in another civilization's territory unless your civilization is at war with them.
  • Cities cannot be founded in an adjacent space to an existing city. The exception is if a Mongol Settler founds a city adjacent to a Barbarian Village that is later captured (by the Mongols).
  • Cities cannot be founded on non-accessible terrain.
  • The resources on the space the city is founded on are not usable.