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A continent is a geopolitical grouping of landmasses. Unlike in earlier games, continents are not strictly defined as a set of continuous land tiles. Instead, Civilization VI defines continents somewhat arbitrarily even within a large landmass (not unlike Europe and Asia in the real world).

Continents affect certain game mechanics, and an individual tile's continent can be viewed in the associated tooltip. A Continent lens can be used to check continental boundaries. It's possible for a city radius to span across continental boundaries; in this case the City Center tile defines which continent the city belongs to. As a general rule, a civilization's home continent is defined by where its Capital6 Capital is located, with other continents being foreign continents.

Note that only land tiles are assigned to a continent; sea tiles have their continent listed as "none."


The following are affected by intercontinental boundaries:

  • Discovering another continent will grant an inspiration boost to Foreign Trade civic.
  • Teddy Roosevelt's Leader Ability Roosevelt Corollary grants +5 Civ6StrengthIcon Combat Strength to all units on America's home continent.
  • Teddy's agenda Big Stick Diplomacy only checks whether wars are being fought on his home continent.
  • Victoria's Leader Ability Pax Britannica grants a free melee unit upon founding or capturing a city on foreign continents.
  • Victoria's agenda Sun Never Sets compels her to invade foreign continents, and dislike the civilizations on them.
  • The Royal Navy Dockyard grants +2 Civ6Gold Gold on foreign continents.
  • The Spanish unique ability Treasure Fleets grants additional yields for intercontinental TradeRoute6 Trade Routes.
  • The Garde Imperiale gets a combat bonus on France's home continent.

In addition, the following Steam achievements have something to do with continents:

Steam achievement For Queen and Country (Civ6)
For Queen and Country
Playing as England on a Huge map, have a city on every continent at the start of the turn
'King and Country' is a phrase that appeared in William Shakespeare's play Henry IV, Part 1. It was later used (and sometimes with 'Queen' in place of 'King') to express loyalty to Britain.
Steam achievement Luftballons (Civ6)
Use a bomber class unit to detonate a nuclear device, as long as its base and 9 Observation Balloons are located on the continent of Nena at the time of detonation.
A reference to '99 Luftballons', an anti-war protest song by German artist Nena.
Steam achievement Voyage of the Mayflower (Civ6)
Voyage of the Mayflower
Found or conquer a city on a different continent
The Mayflower was the ship that transported the first English Separatists, known today as the Pilgrims, from Plymouth to the New World (America) in 1620.

As of August 2017, For Queen and Country has been achieved by 2.1% of players and Luftballons by only 0.2%. Voyage of the Mayflower is, on the other hand, a quite common achievement with 68.5% of players having earned it.

List of ContinentsEdit

Continent names are randomly selected from the following list, some of which are based on current or historical continent names on Earth, and the rest hypothetical or even mythical names:

Continent Real? Date founded

(mln years)

Africa + 130 Africa - the birthplace of man, one of the existing to date continents. Africa is the poorest continent and one of the most populated. its population is 1 billion people. Home for Egypt, Nubia, Zulu, Kongo.
Amasia ? In 100 Amazia is a future supercontinent that will unite Eurasia, Africa and North America.
America + 130 America is part of the world that unites the two continents - North America and South. Previously, America was a single continent until the Panama Canal was built in 1914. The population of both Americas is 953 million people. Three of the American countries - the US, Mexico and Brazil - are among the world's major economies. Home for America, Brazil, Aztec, Mapuche and, also Cree.
Antarcica + 150 Antarctica is the smallest continent of the planet, not counting Australia. Nevertheless, all countries in the world, except for Russia, are less than it. On the mainland there is no permanent human population, but only scientific stations, and placing anything on the mainland is strictly prohibited.
Arctica ? ? see Hyperborea
Asia + 160 Asia is part of the world, uniting 3/4 of the Eurasian continent. About 150-130 million years ago, Asia was a real continent, until it united with Europe, with the rise of the Russian plain and other geological formations. In Asia, two-thirds of the world's population live - 4 billion people! The living conditions in different regions vary: in Russia, Japan, South Korea and the UAE there are good conditions for a full life, and in India, North Korea and Bangladesh there are not. In addition, the ruling forces also differ: in the DPRK, it is a dictatorship that looks something like fascism, in China - socialism, and in Russia - a federal republic. The leading economies of the region: China, oddly enough India, Russia, Pakistan, Japan, Indonesia and some Arabic states. Home for Russia, Arabia, Sumeria, India, Mongolia, China, Japan, Korea, Khmer, Indonesia, Persia and Georgia.
Asiamerica ? ? Asiamerica is a hypothetical supercontinent connecting modern China, Canada and the United States.
Atlantica ? 2000 Atlantica - one of the first supercontinents, formed 2 billion years, and was located on the territory of the modern Atlantic Ocean.
Atlantis ? ? Atlantis - the legendary continent, which was inhabited by a high-tech civilization of the titans who were in contact with human races, had ancient technologies, could fly into space, lived for thousands of years and ... sunk ?! Okay, the continent of Atlantis, perhaps actually an existing island, but the likelihood that there were some reptilians, the Anunnaki Atlanteans-Cyclops with high technologies, is almost zero. However, even the mainland itself has not yet been found, so all these superhumans really sank... into oblivion. Although ... maybe we do not know something?
Australia + 80 Australia - the smallest continent on the planet, as well as the only continent united by one country - Australia (well, it's logical). Population: 23 million people. Leading economic power: Australia. Military: Australia. It is best to live in Australia.
Avalonia ? 730 Avalonia is a small continent that existed in Paleozoic....
Azania ? ? Azania is a small continent in Mozambique Ocean.
Baltica ? 2500 Baltica is a small continent in todayest Russian (East European) plain.
Cimmeria ? 200 Cimmeria - a small continent, located on the Cimmerian plate, near the Middle East.
Columbia ? 1800 Colombia is a supercontinent that existed even in Proterozoic. Interestingly, all modern continents were "mixed" in it: India was next to the state of New York, and Australia was near Vancouver.
Congo Craton ? ? It is not exactly known about the presence of the Congo Kraton continent, but it is known in the existing such platform in Africa.
Euramerica ? 350 Euramerica - a small continent, which united Canada, Scandinavia, Europe and part of Russia.
Eurasia + 170 Eurasia is the largest continent on the planet, the most inhabited continent on the planet (5/7 of the world population) and the birthplace of the first civilizations. See Europe. See Asia
Europe + 160 Europe is part of the world, making 1/4 of the Asian continent. Only 700 million people live in Europe. Nevertheless, many economies of the world are located in Europe: Russia, Germany, France, Turkey, Greece, Spain, Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland ... 150 million years ago it was the mainland, until it merged with Asia again. Home for England, France, Spain, Netherlands, Norway, Germany, Rome, Greece, Macedonia, Russia, Poland and Scythia.
  • Gondwana
  • Kalaharia
  • Kazakhstania
  • Kernorland (a misspelling of Kenorland)
  • Kumari Kandam
  • Laurasia
  • Laurentia
  • Lemuria
  • Mu
  • Nena
  • North America
  • Novopangaea
  • Nuna
  • Pangaea
  • Pangaea Ultima
  • Pannotia
  • Rodinia
  • Siberia
  • South America
  • Terra Australis
  • Ur
  • Vaalbara
  • Vendian
  • Zealandia
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