The Corporation is a somewhat advanced technology in Civilization games.


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Civilization II

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Civilization III

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Civilization IV

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Civilization Revolution

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Civilization Revolution 2

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Other games

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Game Article
Civilization V Corporation (Civ5)
Civilization VI Corporation (Civ6)
Civilization: Beyond Earth Corporation (CivBE)
Freeciv Corporation (Freeciv)
Civilization: Call to Power Corporation (CTP1)
Call to Power II Corporation (CTP2)
C-evo Corporation (C-evo)
Colonization Corporation (Col)
FreeCol Corporation (FreeCol)
Civilization IV: Colonization Corporation (Civ4Col)
Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri‎ Corporation (SMAC)

Future Technology (CivRev)
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As businesses grow, they often find it necessary to raise large amounts of operating capital in order to expand their operations beyond a certain point, or to meet operating expenses. In these cases, one option available is to form a corporation and "go public", or sell shares of the business to investors. This arrangement allows the business to expand rapidly, while spreading the risks of the expansion among many people, reducing individual risk. Corporations also have legal advantages such as the right to sue, and the limitation of liability for the corporation's debt to the amount originally invested by the owners. Corporations as legal entities have existed since ancient Rome, although the joint-stock company as it is known today didn't begin operating until sometime in the 16th century.