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Hammer 120 (Double production speed with Organized)
Requirements Code of Laws
  • +2 Espionage
  • -50% maintenance for the city
  • Can turn 1 citizen into a Spy
  • Required to build Forbidden Palace

The Courthouse is replaced by the following unique buildings:


Courthouses lower city maintenance costs, provide you with a bonus to espionage and are required to build the Forbidden Palace national wonder. Courthouses help manage the cost of controlling large empires.

Civilopedia EntryEdit

As kingdoms and empires expanded, it became increasingly difficult for the rulers to maintain control over the more distant regions of their realm. To ensure that the far-flung cities of the empire contributed their expected share of duties and taxes to the government, rulers constructed courthouses to help unify their domains. These local centers of government meted out justice and helped preserve order in the midst of the furthest wilderness.

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