Building of the Classical era
Cost 100 20xProduction5
Maintenance 4 20xGold5

Mathematics (Civ5) Mathematics

Specialists None
  • Reduces Unhappiness (Civ5) from the city if it is an occupied one

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Game InfoEdit

Special building, only constructable in Occupied cities.

  • Eliminates extra Unhappiness (Civ5) Unhappiness from an 20xOccupation5 Occupied City.
  • +3 20xHappiness5 Happiness with Police state Autocracy tenet


The Courthouse is an essential building for aggressive empires. Construct one in each occupied city as quickly as possible, especially if you're intent upon conquering a bunch of them. Be mindful that its Gold maintenance cost is outrageous!

Civilopedia entryEdit

A Courthouse is a building in which the local authorities administer the law. Oftentimes the building also houses the local civil government as well, but this is by no means always the case. Generally the courthouse occupies a conspicuous place of importance in the central part of the city - either because the citizens view it with pride, or because the government wants to remind the citizens that it's got its eye on them.