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Naval unit

A/D 6/6
Moves 5
Cost 40
Upgrades to N/A
Required technologies

Steam Power

Required resources


Other attributes

Can provide a naval support of 3

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The Cruiser is a naval unit in Civilization Revolution. It replaces the Galley and the Galleon.

Cruiser washington

An American Cruiser passing their capital, Washington.


Cruisers prowl the sea, chasing down and obliterating any smaller ships in their way. Only the Submarine and the Battleship can hope to match the Cruiser in sheer strength.

Like many other naval units, the Cruiser is faster than ground units - in fact, its movement of 5 is the highest of any naval unit. It also has a respectable 6 attack and defense and can provide 3 naval support. Despite all this, the Cruiser does not come with one element of naval units that even primitive vessels like the Galley have: the Ranger Militia. The Cruiser also requires Steam Power to be researched before construction.