Prime Function Aki Zeta-5
Aki Zeta-5 (SMAC)
Commander of the Cybernetic Consciousness
Cybernetic Consciousness (SMAC)
Name Annikki Luttinen
Rank Lt. Jg
Position Computer lab technician
Country of Origin Norway
DOB 06-19-2028
Height 166.4 cm
Weight 61 kg
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Faction CharacteristicsEdit

  • +2 RESEARCH: {Human research abilities enhanced by algorithmic control}
  • +2 EFFICIENCY: {Cybernetic biologicals extremely efficient}
  • -1 GROWTH: {Humans 'possessed by an algorithm' find reproduction awkward}
  • Immunity to CYBERNETIC penalty: {Cybernetic social choice is 'rational' and not dissented by citizens}
  • Can steal technology when capturing a base
  • May not make Fundamentalist choice in social engineering
  • Aggression Pacifist
  • Priorities Cybernetic (social)
  • Starting Tech Information Networks, Applied Physics
  • Agenda Rational Objectivity
  • Aversion Fundamentalist (social)

Leader's quoteEdit

"Those who join us need give up only half of their humanity--the illogical, ill-tempered, and disordered half, commonly thought of as 'right-brain' functioning. In exchange, the 'left-brain' capacities are increased to undreamed potential. The tendency of Biologicals to cling instead to their individual personalities can only be attributed to archaic evolutionary tendencies." --Prime Function Aki Zeta-5, "Convergence"

External linkEdit

Official site's profile of Cybernetic Consciousness and their leader.