Dai Miao
introduced in Civilization IV
Dai Miao
Hammer N/A
Requirements Great Prophet
Great People points 1 Great Prophet


  • +1 Coins per city with the religion
  • Spreads the religion
  • Can turn 3 citizens into Priests
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The Dai Miao (Taoist Shrine) produces one gold each turn for every city in the world that practices Taoism. It also spreads Taoism throughout the world and increases its city's chance of generating a Great Prophet.

Civilopedia EntryEdit

The Taoist Dai Miao, or "Temple of the God of Mount Tai," is located on Mount Tai in Shandong Province, China. One of the "five sacred mountains of China," Mount Tai has been of great religious importance throughout Chinese history, and evidence suggests that pilgrims have been climbing the mountain for at least 3000 years. There are 22 temples, 97 ruins, and several thousand stone tablets and inscriptions scattered across the its rugged shoulders.

The Dai Miao is the largest temple complex on the mountain, covering an area of about a million square feet. The buildings within the temple have been built and rebuilt a number of times, the most recent major overhaul occurring about 2000 years ago during the Han Dynasty.

In its latest incarnation, the temple is a replica of the Imperial Palace. The complex has five major halls and many small buildings. The most important building is the Palace of Heavenly Blessings, constructed in 1008. The building contains a mural titled, "The God of Mount Tai Making a Journey." The mural is 10 feet in height by about 200 feet long. It was painted in 1009, making it 1004 years old.

Next to the Palace of Heavenly Blessings stand the Yaocan Pavilion and the entrance archway, as well as the Bronze Pavilion in the northeast corner. The Dai Temple is surrounded by the 2,100 year-old Han Dynasty cypresses. Beloved as much for its rugged beauty as for its religious significance, the Dai Miao remains one of the most important religious structures in the world.