Democracy is a government type that is available with Democracy technology.

  • +1 trade bonus in all tiles that already produce trade.
  • Every unit outside its home city causes 2 unhappiness. (exceptions: settlers, diplomats, caravans, transports).
  • Units cost 1 shield of maintenance. Settlers consumes 2 food units.
  • Can't declare war, and must accept all peace treaties.
  • If a city is in revolt for more than 2 turns, you immediately fall into Anarchy.
  • No Corruption.

Advisers are Greeks in the ancient age and Americans in modern age.

The Women's Suffrage wonder reduces the unhappiness penalty for units outside the city to 1.


The most important aspect of Democracy is that it has zero corruption. Although unrealistic, this allows you to make massive amounts of money through taxes, and production is also maximized. You will likely have to allocate some tax revenue to luxuries to keep your people happy to avoid a collapse into Anarchy. And, of course, you cannot declare war. These are easy trade offs to make however, considering that you will have enough money to buy any building, unit, or enemy city using a Diplomat.

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