In Despotism, you rule with absolute power over your subjects, usually enforced by the military. This system has a tendency to minimize individual freedom and reduce the efficiency of production efforts.


Advance required: None

Corruption and Waste: Rampant

Worker Efficiency: 100%

Draft Limit: 2

Military Police Limit: 2

Hurry Production: Forced labor

War Weariness: None

- Free Units per -

Town: 4

City: 4

Metropolis: 4

Civilopedia EntryEdit

Despotism is, without a doubt, the simplest form of government. It is based on a simple concept: might makes right. In a despotism, the power is held unquestionably by those who hold power over the military and who therefore can enforce their decrees. Because of the oppression experienced in this type of regime, despots often find that their ability to control the population is proportional to their use of armed troops in towns and cities in which the people live. Furthermore, because it is such a centralized form of government despotism makes it difficult to effectively put down rebellions and prevent the misappropriation of funds if their empire grows too large. Despots pay a terrible price in waste and corruption in their society and with the development of more sophisticated forms of government despots often find that staging a coup is necessary for further growth.

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