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Dome (CivBE)

Tile improvement in Beyond Earth

Maintenance 2 20xEnergyBE Energy
Required technology Biology
Yields +2 20xCultureBE
Notes Tile Improvement buildable by Worker units on any terrain. Provides:
Domes are advanced, late-game improvements designed specifically toward the propagation of human life and a favorable environment. Like the Biospheres of old Earth, Domes are controlled ecosystems which allow Purity ideologists to recreate old Earth environments. Their massive size has the added bonus of extending a city’s defense.

Game InfoEdit

The Dome is a special improvement that increases 20xCultureBE Culture.



  • Can be build on coast, ocean, or lake tiles with Rising Tide.


Domes increase the culture output of a tile, with the added bonus of increasing city hit points. For high Purity players, the Dome can be a viable alternative to farmland.

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