Domesday Book

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Building of the Classical era

Cost 83 20xProduction5
Maintenance 0 20xGold5

Mathematics (Civ5) Mathematics

Specialists None

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Game InfoEdit

National wonder in the 1066: Year of Viking Destiny scenario of Civilization V.

  • Win the scenario by building this in London.
  • May not be built until you have 6 Domesday Shire Courts in your empire.


The completion of the Domesday Book wonder means that your great survey of England is complete and you have become master of these lands. Build it to win the scenario.

Civilopedia entryEdit

The Domesday Book, documenting the livestock and land holdings of the people of England during the rule of William the Conqueror, was recorded during the Domesday survey in 1085 AD. Conceived of by William as a means to assess the unpaid taxes under Edward the Confessor, the Domesday would come to be known as "the Book of Judgement," as all entries made by the royal officers in the book were final.