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In 1994, Sid Meier introduced the Dutch to one of his games in Colonization. Their speciality is trade, and they start with a larger ship than the other nations.

The Dutch first appeared in the Civilization Series in the Conquests expansion of Civilization III. Their capital is Amsterdam. The Netherlands won its independence from the Spanish Empire. Its only leader so far is William of Orange aka William the Silent.

Civilization III

Main article: Dutch (Civ3)

added in Conquests

Leader: William of Orange

Capital: Amsterdam

Qualities: Agricultural, Seafaring

Starting Advances: Pottery, Alphabet

Special Unit: Swiss Mercenary

Civilization IV

Main article: Dutch (Civ4)

Civilization V

Main article: Dutch (Civ5)

The Netherlands was added as one of nine new civilizations in the Gods and Kings expansion. They have a ship that steals gold from enemy port cities and attract ships to their side. They are also able to convert wetlands to profitable fields. Cities include Rotterdam, Utrecht, and Groningen.

Leader: William I, Prince of Orange

Capital: Amsterdam

Unique Unit: Sea Beggar

Unique Improvement: Polder

Unique Ability: East India Company


The main article has not been created for (or Dutch is not part of) Colonization

Dutch King is a modified William of Orange.

Default or AI name for New World: New Netherlands

Capital: New Amsterdam

Leaders: Adriaen van der Donck, Peter Stuyvesant

Other games

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