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Luxury resource found from jungle, forest
Dyes (Civ5)
Revealed by


Resource value

0 20xFood5, 0 20xProduction5, +2 20xGold5


Plantation, available with Calendar

Plantation value

+1 (w/Fertilizer) 20xFood5, 0 20xProduction5, +1 20xGold5

Required for Units: None

Buildings: None

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Game InfoEdit

Luxury resource.

  • Base yield:
    • 2 20xGold5 Gold
  • Modifiers:


Dyes are always found in forests or jungles, which you'll have to cut down to build their access improvement, the Plantation.

Historical InfoEdit

A dye is a substance which can (temporarily or permanently) alter the color of some other substance, typically fabric or human skin. Throughout history dyes have been made from a variety of different materials, including plants, minerals, and animal bits. Humanity has been using dyes for at least 37,000 years, and possibly longer.

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