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The Eagle Warrior is a unit in Civilization VI.

Civ6 Eagle Warrior concept

Game InfoEdit

Unique melee unit of the Aztec civilization. Replaces the Warrior

The Eagle Warrior's unique ability can turn defeated enemy units into Builders. It is unconfirmed if this ability remains once the unit has been upgraded.

Historical Context Edit

One of the two elite class of infantry (the other being the Jaguar Warriors) in the Aztec army, the Eagle Warriors were the bravest young men of noble birth and/or those who had taken the most prisoners in battle. Like the Jaguars, the Eagles used the atlatl, bow, spear and macuahuitl (wooden swords set with obsidian shards); unlike the Jaguars, the Eagles decorated their armor with eagle feathers and wore a headdress shaped like the head of an eagle with the beak wide open. And they had a hilltop temple in Malinalco. Upon taking 20 prisoners – intact enough to serve as human sacrifice – a young warrior was eligible to become an Eagle Warrior, no doubt making his family very proud. Until the Spanish arrived with their cannons, muskets, and horses, the Eagle and Jaguar warriors were the toughest bullies on the Mesoamerican block.

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