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Education (Civ4Col)
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Produced by colonists working at a Schoolhouse, College, or University.

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When sufficient Education is accumulated, a Free Colonist, Indentured Servant, Converted Native or Petty Criminal can learn the profession of a specialist in that colony.


While teaching one's offspring to avoid danger and not eat the purple berries has been a facet of mankind's everyday life since time immemorial, formalized systems of education did not begin to blossom in the western world until the first millennium AD. During the Middle Ages, bodies of higher learning blossomed across Europe and the Middle East. In Europe, these institutions were in large part created to educate new priests and monks, as well as a select few among the upper classes. This trend carried over to the New World, where many of the earliest bodies of higher learning - the University of Santiago, Harvard - were founded with the purpose of educating the next generation of clergy. Eventually the colleges and universities of the New World grew more diverse in their curriculums and fields of study, including law, medicine, astronomy, and cartography among their teachings. With time the New World would become a world center of education.

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