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Cleopatra, Egypt's Representative

From Start An Ancient Wonder
Ancient Age +1 food and trade from desert
Medieval Age Knowledge of Irrigation
Industrial Age +1 Riflemen movement
Modern Age +50% Caravan Gold
Unique Units None

The Egyptian people represent a civilization in Civilization Revolution.


Era BonusesEdit

Egypt's beginning bonus is an ancient wonder. Upon founding their first city, they will randomly receive one of the following:

They also receive extra food and trade from desert tiles.

Their other bonuses give them knowledge of Irrigation (which may increase the food from some tiles), increased movement for Riflemen, and extra gold when you use a Caravan on another city.


Cleopatra's unique abilities allow her to make particular use of Scientific Victory. It is highly advisable to save immediately after starting a game as Egypt, as the sub-par bonuses from the other wonders are horribly outclassed by the Colossus. With two surrounding desert tiles, the Egyptians can research their first technology within a staggering 3 turns of founding their first city, and can take the entire game before the other players get to Invention, if played correctly.

Due to the historical events mentioned below, Cleopatra and Julius Caesar will be less likely to go to war with each other in the game, and each will usually have something nice to say about the other.

Civilopedia EntryEdit

Cleopatra was a member of the Ptolemy dynasty of Egypt, and heavily embroiled in the more well known scandals of Rome through her relationship with Julius Caesar, and then later Marc Antony. It was during the lifetime of Cleopatra (and at the hands of her later lover Julius Caesar) that the first burning of the Library of Alexandria occurred, historians will never know the full extent of the knowledge lost that day but in recent years they have been discovering that ancient peoples were aware of steam as a potential power source and other technological advances that would not be seen again for hundreds or even thousands of years.

Cleopatra herself was said to be the first member of the Ptolemy dynasty that had bothered to actually learn to speak Egyptian, rather than using the Latin spoke by Rome itself. She also embraced the local customs, and deities being a well known worshipper of Isis. She was the last effective ruler of the Ptolemy dynasty, and committed suicide after the death of Marc Antony (an event marking the end of her reign, as Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus (Caesar's namesake, and successor) moved into and conquered Alexandria).


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