The Elfs are a custom civilization and also playable units in Call to Power II. The Elfs have a history the spanned centuries and had several leaders over that time. They lived on three planets downloadable for CTP2. Their nation states spanned such worlds such as Discworld, Middle Earth, Ultima and Elric. Their Unique Unit is the archer from the default mod of Call to Power II.

Unique UnitEdit

The Unique unit for this civilization is the Archer from the original CTP2. They also use the Longbowman, and Crossbowman, not to be confused with Orc Crossbowman.

Notable cities Edit

There are 4 worlds where Elfs exist.

  1. Middle-earth map (Planet Arda)
  2. Ultima 4 map
  3. Elric (Hyborian age Earth)
  4. Discworld

Middle Earth world, 3rd Age map Edit

  • Rivendell
  • North Trollshaws
  • South Trollshaws

No 1st or 2nd Age maps of Middle Earth were ever uploaded so the player never gets to play as the Sindarian Elfs Civilization.

Ultima 4 worldEdit

(There are no Elf civilizations in this scenario. The elfs only make an appearance as Unique units.)


  • Melnibone Castle
  • North Melnibone I
  • South Melnibone I

Elric is of Elvish descent so his country is considered an Elvish Kingdom.



Discworld 13 Players

This is a picture of Discworld.