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Elizabeth I is the leader of the English.

Normal Aggression

Normal Militarism

Total Threat level: 4

Musical Theme Inspiration: Fanfare-Rondeau (composed by Jean-Joseph Mouret)

Elizabeth (Civ1)

Elizabeth I in the SNES game.

Elizabeth IEdit

Queen of England for 45 years, she inherited a strife-torn, failing nation and built it into a first-rate European power. Her main adversaries were the Spanish under Philip II, who went into a steady decline after the defeat of their Armada in 1588. Elizabeth was known for important domestic reforms as well as shrewd diplomatic and military maneuvers. Her reign was marked by a general flowering of the English economy and culture. She presided over the beginnings of the British empire, not quite living to see the establishment of English colonies in North America. Elizabeth is a formidable foe, aggressively expanding and competently growing at home.

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