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Energy is allocated either toward ECONOMY, LABS, PSYCH or lost to Inefficiency.


  • Rushbuy production
  • Diplomacy
  • Upgrading units
  • Terraforming altitude and depth
  • Using Probe Teams to capture a unit or base


There are various ways to collect Energy.


Energy is mostly collected through Terraforming.

  • Solar Collector, provide +1 Energy, it can provide more Energy depending on the height of the terrain (+1 for every 1000m).
  • Tidal Harness, provide +3 Energy on sea squares.
  • Forest, provide +1 Energy, +1 minerals, and +1 nutrients.
  • Aquifers, provide +1 Energy on each River squares.
  • Boreholes provided +6 energy and + 6 minerals.


Although Energy is mostly collected through Terraforming, some terrain can provide that resource.

Rivers provides +1 Energy.

The following Landmarks: Uranium Flats, Geothermal Shallows, Pholus Ridge, Mount Planet provides an extra +1 Energy on their respective squares.

Xenofungus provides +1 Energy with the discovery of Centauri Meditation, +1 with Secrets of Alpha Centauri, 1+ with Temporal Mechanics.

Base FacilitiesEdit

Secret ProjectsEdit

From other factionsEdit

  • Probe teams can steal energy from other factions.
  • You can energy when you conquer another faction.
  • You can borrow, trade, or export energy from other factions.


  • Morgan gets an energy bonus.
  • You can choose to turn every 2 excess minerals you produce into 1 energy at any base.
  • Kill any native life other than fungus gives you energy.
  • Environmental Economics eliminates limits on how much energy can be produced anywhere without an energy bonus on the tile.

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