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Elizabeth, England's Representative

From Start Knowledge of Monarchy
Ancient Age +1 Longbow Archer defense
Medieval Age +1 naval combat
Industrial Age +1 production from hills
Modern Age Naval support doubled
Unique Units Longbow Archer, Lancaster Bomber, & Spitfire Fighter

The English people represent a civilization in Civilization Revolution.


Era BonusesEdit

England begins the game with knowledge of Monarchy, a monarchical government, and giving your Archers +1 Defense (effectively making them Pikemen). As the game goes on, they also receive many naval bonuses and increased production from hill tiles.


England is a civ with a military focus, as well as a strong culture.


Monarchy is the first government the English have. The knowledge of Monarchy increases the output of culture as the Palace culture is doubled. This accelerates the arrival of Great People, especially early in the game. Add to this the extra production from hill tiles, and England becomes a decent contender for Cultural Victory.

Military PowerEdit

Because they start with Monarchy, the English are able to get access to Knights by researching Feudalism. A powerful melee unit, after researching just Iron Working and Horseback Riding. Get those technologies, as well as Alphabet to accelerate your technology, and you'll likely be able to blaze through the entire map with relative ease. Not to mention that you are very likely to get Agamemnon (a Great General) due to your lower technology count, and that English ships trump non-English ships with double naval support and 1 more attack, and the fact that Longbow Archers are effectively Pikemen, and England can be a powerhouse very easily, priming them for a Domination Victory!

Civilopedia EntryEdit

This section requires expansion.


England has a long and proud history in the Civilization series, starting with the original game, where its island had six tiles and the AI tended to get stuck without creating a second city.

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