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Reformed Church Eureka moment (Civ6)

An example of a Eureka moment, providing a boost towards the Reformed Church Civic.

Eureka moments are a brand new feature introduced in Civilization VI, representing real-life moments of enlightenment which lead to groundbreaking inventions. In the game, Eureka moments, and the respective civic equivalent - Inspirations, act as specific ways to progress down the science or civics tech tree at a much faster rate.

They are particular goals which are set to a certain tech or civic, and upon completion, apply to it 50 percent of the science/culture required for that technology (60%, if you play as China). For example, the goal for Masonry is making a Quarry, while the goal for Sailing is to found a City on the coast. The boost may be activated at any time while the tech/civic is not yet completed, and will apply the progress, even unto completing the research.

Most Technologies, and practically all Civics in the game have Eurekas/Inspirations. The only exceptions are the very first techs, and some key techs from the Information Era, which can only be boosted through activating a particular Great Person, or through Espionage.

The main goal of Eureka moments system is to diversify the development of a civilization according to unique sets of elements present in each play-through. Their activation depends on the most diverse things: particular features in nearby terrain, battle conditions, or sometimes simply by chance events in the game. It is also possible to get these boosts through activating Tribal Villages, which turns the system even more random! You can never be sure what sort of bonuses the game will give you, so you will have to change your strategy accordingly, even when playing with the same civilization! For example, sometimes circumstances will give you early access to certain Wonder, offering you the compelling temptation to go for it (even if your strategy doesn't call for this). Other times the boosts will throw you in an altogether different part of the tech or civic tree, requiring again adjustment of strategy. A wise player will always take Eurekas into account, and use the opportunities they give, instead of insisting on a fixed research strategy - this way progress will be much faster.

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