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Expedition Popup (CivBE)

Image seen when player completes an expedition

In Civilization: Beyond Earth, Explorer units are able to setup what is called an Expedition, which allows it to access something on a tile. After ten turns, the expedition is completed and used up. In Rising Tide, expeditions have a chance to discover an Artifact in addition to its rewards.

Sites and rewardsEdit

Site Reward
Alien Skeleton (CivBE) Alien Skeleton 66% chance of giving you an alien unit, 33% chance of giving affinity progress
Crashed Satellite (CivBE) Crashed Satellites 66% chance to give 20xProductionBE Production bonus, 33% chance to give 20xScienceBE Science bonus
Derelict Settlement (CivBE) Derelict Settlements 50% chance to give 20xCultureBE Culture, 50% chance to give a free population
Kraken Nest (CivBE) Kraken Nest RT only Chance of getting an aquatic alien unit, Chance of giving affinity progress
Progenitor Device (CivBE) Progenitor Device RT only 50% chance of giving affinity progress, 50% chance to give free affinity level
Progenitor Ruin (CivBE) Progenitor Ruins 50% chance to give free affinity level, 50% chance to give 20xScienceBE Science towards a far away tech, sometimes have a fragment of The Signal, necessary for a Contact Victory.
Sunken Spacecraft (CivBE) Sunken Spacecraft RT only 33% chance to give 20xProductionBE Production bonus, 66% chance to give 20xScienceBE Science towards a far away tech
Sunken Vehicle (CivBE) Sunken Vehicle RT only 66% chance to give 20xProductionBE Production bonus, 33% chance to give 20xCultureBE Culture
Wrecked Colony Lander (CivBE) Wrecked Colony Lander RT only 66% chance to give a free population, 33% chance to give 20xCultureBE Culture

Bonuses affecting ExpeditionsEdit

  • At Level 1 Supremacy, Explorer Units can build one extra Expedition.
  • At Level 1 Purity Explorer Units are twice as strong when attacked by Aliens.
  • Building a Laboratory and making the appropriate Quest decision can provide you with an additional expedition for Explorers.
  • The tier 2 Prosperity Virtue Pathfinder allows explorer units to build three additional expeditions.
  • The tier 1 Knowledge Virtue Field Research allows you to earn 50 science from completed expeditions.
  • The Drone Sphere speeds up Expedition time by 50%.
  • The artifact reward Ground-Penetrating LIDAR speeds up Expedition time by 100%.RT only

User interfaceEdit

It is easier to spot Expedition Sites if you activate the icons for them. To do that, click on the little eye-symbol at the top left corner of the minimap, then select "Expedition Sites":

Highlighting Expedition Sites (CivBE)

RT only Introduced in the Rising Tide expansion pack.
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