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Expert Farmer
Expert Farmer (Civ4Col)
Building required None
Hammer required None
Tools (Civ4Col) required None
Guns (Civ4Col) required None
Train/purchase in Europe 800 Coins (C4C)
Learn from Natives Yes
Strength 0 Cantattack
Moves 1

Can found new settlement.
+3 production of Food on land, +2 food from bonus resources.

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The skilled Farmer knows when to plant to ensure his crops receive the maximum amount of light, where to plant so that the proper amount of water is available, when to rotate crops to keep the soil fertile and how to prepare the soil for next year's harvest. Through luck and persistence an unskilled farmer may grow enough food to feed himself, but a skilled Farmer can yield a crop to feed himself, his family, his neighbors and have enough left over to provide a gift to the natives!

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