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  1. Expert scouts receive a bonus when on Rumour outcomes. When de Soto is in Congress and Rumour outcomes are all positive, do expert scouts still receive their bonus?
  2. Is there a difference between convict, servant and normal colonists when they are missionaries?
  3. What happens if Indians attack a tile with two or more treasures? do they get them all, or just one?
  4. Veteran soldiers appearing at the docks sometimes have horses, sometimes not. Why, and how often do they come with horses?
  5. Do the computer foreign powers pay tax on what they sell at home?
  6. Can a missionary in a Church train expert missionaries?
  7. Does a Cathedral produce expert missionaries?
  8. Can a skilled colonist spontaneously learn a land-working skill?
  9. Do Hardy Pioneers harvest more wood than normal Pioneers when clearing a forest tile?