Social factors
Faction Economy Efficiency Support Morale Police Growth Planet Probe Teams Industry Research

Believers +2 -1 +1 -2
Gaians +2 -1 -1 +1
Hive -2 +1 +1
Morgan Industries +1 -1
Peacekeepers -1
Spartans +2 +1 -1
University -2 +2
Cult of Planet -1 +2 -1
Cybernetic Consciousness +2 -1 +2
Data Angels -1 +2
Free Drones +2 -2
Nautilus Pirates -1 -1
Caretakers +1
Usurpers +1 +1 -1
Faction Characteristics
Faction Aggression Priorities Starting Tech Agendas Aversion Special bonuses
Believers Aggressive Explore, Conquer Social Psych Fundermantalist (Politics) Knowledge (Values) Accumulates no research points until MY 2110. 25% to attack when attacking.
Gaians Pacifist Explore Centauri Ecology Green (Economics) Free Market (Economics +1 Nutrients in fungus squares, can use mind worms as police units
Hive Aggressive Conquer, Build Doctrine: Loyalty Police State (Politics) Democracy (Politics) Underground bunkers (free Perimeter Defense at each base)
Morgan Industries Pacifist Build Industrial Economics Free Market (Economics) Planned (Economics) Commerce (bonus increases value if treaties, pacts, loans), begins with 100 extra energy credits, Need Hab Complex for bases to exceed size 4
Peacekeepers Erratic Explore, Discover BiogeneticsDemocracy (Politics) Police State Extra talent for every four citizens, may exceed Hab Complex population requirements by 2, receives double votes in elections for Planetary Governor and Supreme Leader.
Spartans Erratic Discover, Conquer Doctrine:Mobility Power (Values) Wealth (Values) Prototype units do not cost extra minerals
University Erratic Discover Information Networks, +1 bonus tech Knowledge (Values)Fundamentalist (Politics) Free network node at every base, one bonus tech at beginning of game, extra drone for every four citizens
Cult of Planet Aggressive Explore, Conquest Centaruri Ecology, Social Pysch Green (Economics) Wealth (Values) Free Mind worm boil available at start. Double police powers for native life units. Free Brood Pits with the discovery of Centauri Genetics.
Cybernetic Consciousness Pacifist Discover, Conquest Information Netorks, Applied Physics Cybernetic (Future Society) Fundamentalist (Politics) 25% chance of gaining tech when attacking an enemy base. Immune to the negative effects of the Cybernetic social policy.
Data Angels Erratic Discover Information Networks, Planetary Networks Democratic (Politics) Power (Values) Automatically gain any technology that is known to 3 other factions their probe teams have infiltrated. 25% reduction in cost for all Probe Teams. Free Covert Operations Centers when Pre-Sentient Algorithms gained.
Free Drones Erratic Build Industrial Base Eudaimonic (Future Society) Green (Economics)One less drone per base. Cities with drone riots have a chance of switching to the Free Drone faction.
Nautilus Pirates Erratic Conquest Doctrine: Mobility, Doctrine: FlexibilityPower (Values)None Start with sea colony pods instead of land ones. Free Navel Yards when Doctrine: Initiative. Free Marine Attachment training to all military units upon the discovery of Adaptive Doctrine.
Caretakers Aggressive Explore, Build Information Networks, Biogenetics, Centauri Ecology Planned (Economics)None Can select research. Free recycling tank. Starts with Progenitor Psych and Field Modulation. Has full map of Planet. 25% defense bonus. Starts with a single Ogre Mech MK1. Cannot construct the Voice of Planet. Can win the game by constructing a Beacon to summon its fleet.
Usurpers Aggressive Conquest, Build Applied Physics, Centauri Ecology, Biogenetics Planned (Economics) Democratic (Politics) Can select research. Free recycling tank. Starts with Progenitor Psych and Field Modulation due. Has full map of Planet. 25% attack bonus. Starts with a single Ogre Mech MK1. Can win the game by creating a beacon to summon its fleet.