The Factory is a building in Civilization Revolution.

Gameplay Edit

Factories double the amount of production created by any city savvy enough to build them!

Civilopedia Entry Edit

A factory is a facility that uses modern equipment and technology to manufacture goods. The American industrialist Henry Ford is usually credited with creating the first modern factories; his employees worked on "assembly lines" to quickly and inexpensively construct the "Model-T", the first mass-produced automobile in history.

Trivia Edit

  • Jacob Riis was a nineteenth century photographer who used his camera to capture the squalid conditions that male, female and child factory laborers had to daily endure. His photos received much public attention and were in part responsible for the improvement of working conditions for American workers.
  • Before 1793, the harvesting and preparation of cotton was an extremely laborious task. The removal of individual seeds from within the labyrinthine strands of cotton took many hands many hours before even a single bale could be prepared. But in 1793, Eli Whitney invented a small device which pulled the seeds from the cotton quickly and easily. The economy of the American South was revolutionized overnight.