Fall from Heaven is a mod for Civilization IV. One of the most popular player-created mods for the game, the name Fall from Heaven stands for both the name of the mod itself, as well as the name of the mod series.

Fall from Heaven: Age of Ice is a scenario included in the final shipping of Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword.

Fall from Heaven introduces the players to the world of Erebus, a dark-fantasy world imagined by the lead designer Kael. Key attractions of this award-winning mod are (and are not limited to):

  • 21 All-New Civilizations
  • 7 New Religions
  • Good-Neutral-Evil Alignment System
  • Immense Magic System

Fall from Heaven 2 is the most recent complete mod in this series, with the final released version number of 0.41o (unofficially patched to 0.41p to fix an XML error with the Pyre Zombie/Sons of Asena units).

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