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Farm (Civ5)

Worker improvement


Agriculture (Civ5) Agriculture

  • +1 20xFood5 Food
  • +1 additional 20xFood5 Food with Civil Service and fresh water.
  • +1 additional 20xFood5 Food with Fertilizer and no fresh water.

Wheat (Civ5)

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Farm (Civ5)

A Farm in Civilization V

Game InfoEdit

Basic agricultural improvement. Available from the start of the game.


Farms can be constructed on almost any land tiles to improve a hex's 20xFood5 Food output. Having access to fresh water enhances a Farm's effect.

Historical InfoEdit

Farming is one of the earliest and most important of all human professions, as it allowed mankind to stop migrating and settle in one location without depleting the local resources. Farms can be constructed on most any land to improve the hex's output of food.

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