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Fiber (CivBE)

Resource in Beyond Earth

Yields +1 20xProductionBE
Notes None
Any pliable, threadlike strand capable of being spun into yarn and woven; there are currently more than 40 known that have commercial applications. Fiber can be created from animal or mineral products, but the majority comes from plants, both indigenous and offworld varieties. Animal fibers are composed chiefly of protein chains, while plant fibers are cellulose. Few animals native to this world produce fibers of use, but the colonists brought a number of beasts from which fibers can be harvested: sheep, alpaca, vicuna, rabbit and sable. Likewise, given that most indigenous plants are heterosporous, colonial plant fiber comes primarily from flax, hemp and kapok which proved to thrive under cultivation in the native soil. However, a small relative of the “wolf beetle” produces a spider-silk equivalent in large quantities that can be harvested and spun, and a material similar to asbestos can be made from some planetary minerals. Too, some of the imported fiber crops are now classified as invasive exotics, for they seeded wild and rapidly spread unchecked in some locales. A small but viable industry has sprung up in the manufacture of all these fibers. In addition, of course, colonial factories produce a variety of polyamide nylons, polyurethane fibers, and sub-denier microfibers for industrial and scientific uses.

Improved by: Plantation