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Air unit

A/D 6/4
Moves 8
Cost 30
Upgrades to N/A
Required technologies


Required resources


Other attributes

Must refuel in a friendly city every 2 turns

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The Fighter is the first of only two air units available in Civilization Revolution. Three units may be combined into a Fighter Wing, which cannot be split up later.

Unit AnalysisEdit

Fighters have a range of 8 spaces per turn and fuel for 2 turns. They can attack any unit, but must attack any enemy air units in the space first. If the unit is not landed in a friendly city by the end of the second turn, it crashes and is lost.

Unique ReplacementsEdit

American Fighters are replaced by the Mustang Fighter.

English Fighters are replaced by the Spitfire Fighter.

German Fighters are replaced by the ME109 Fighter.

Japanese Fighters are replaced by the Zero Fighter.