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Food (Bread) is one of the three basic economic inputs found in Civilization IV. It is produced by tiles when they are worked by population in a city. See the Production article for more info.


Food is produced inherently by all types of terrain with these exceptions:

  • Ice
  • Desert

Tile ImprovementsEdit

Additional food may be generated by these tile improvements:

Resources Edit

All food resources (Bananas (Civ4) Bananas, Clam Clams, Corn Corn, Cow Cows, Crab Crabs, Deer Deer, Fish Fish, Pig Pigs, Rice Rice, Sheep Sheep, and Wheat Wheat) generate food. These resources add +1 Bread Food to their tile even before they are improved and some more when they are improved. The luxury resources Sugar (Sugar) and Whales (Whale) generate food without any improvements, as well. In addition, Spices (Spices) and Wine (Wine) generate food when improved.

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