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Civ6Food Food is one of the main statistics in Civilization VI. It is the basis for the growth of city population and is counted on a per-city basis.

Mechanics Edit

Civ6Food Food is the primary factor fueling population growth in a city: without Civ6Food Food, there is no growth. Thus, food availability should be the first concern when planning to settle new cities.

Each Citizen6 Citizen in a city consumes 2 Civ6Food Food per turn. If the city produces more food than its citizens currently consume, it has a food surplus, and its population will eventually increase by 1. If the city has a food deficit, its population will eventually decrease by 1. If the situation is balanced, there will be neither growth, nor decline.

Surplus food is collected in a "food basket." When the basket gets full, a new Citizen6 Citizen is born. Conversely, in case of a deficit, the basket will empty, at which point the population will diminish by 1.

Note that population growth is further affected by other factors. For more precise information, head here.


The main source of Civ6Food Food is the land and its features, so the more Citizen6 Citizens working fertile tiles around your cities, the better.

Terrain Edit

Almost all terrain and its features grant base Civ6Food Food yields when worked. The full list is as follows:

Base TerrainEdit

The only terrains without Civ6Food Food yield are Desert and Snow, so normally you should avoid settling there.


Since all of these are available right from the start of the game and without any research, locating them and strategically placing your cities in range of them will determine how fast (or how slowly) they will grow in the early to middle game. You should scout your surroundings well!

Resources Edit

Many resources also contribute Civ6Food Food when worked. These include:

Fish and Rice also provide additional Civ6Food Food yield with their respective tile improvements. Rice and Wheat provide additional Civ6Food Food yields with a Water Mill (whether or not they have been improved).

Tile ImprovementsEdit

The Farm is a tile improvement specifically dedicated to Civ6Food Food production. But other Improvements also grant bonus Civ6Food Food yields; they can only be built on certain Resources, however. These tile improvements are as follows:

Improvements are a major way to boost Civ6Food Food production in all stages of the game. But even more important is the adjacency bonus provided to the Farm by Feudalism and later Replaceable Parts! This has the potential to boost your Citizen6 Population growth immensely, both because of the boost in Civ6Food Food yield, and the increase of the Housing6 Housing limit in the city. You should study its mechanics well and make use of them whenever possible.

Religious BeliefsEdit

There are two religious Pantheons that grant bonus Civ6Food Food from certain improvements. Goddess of the Hunt grants +1 additional Civ6Food Food yield from Camps, and Goddess of Festivals grants +1 additional Civ6Food Food yield from Wine, Incense, Cocoa, Tobacco, Coffee, and Tea Plantations.

Buildings Edit

Unlike other main stats, there is no district directly dedicated to Civ6Food Food, though the City Center has +2 Civ6Food Food as a base yield, and the Neighborhood has a major positive impact on Citizen6 Population growth. However, several buildings from both the City Center and other districts increase Civ6Food Food output. These include:

The Feed the World religious belief also provides Civ6Food Food from Shrines and Temples.

Trade RoutesEdit

Domestic TradeRoute6 Trade Routes always grant additional Civ6Food Food to their city of origin. The exact amount depends on the districts available at the destination:

The Policy Card Collectivization grants +4 bonus Civ6Food Food from all domestic TradeRoute6 Trade Routes.

Domestic TradeRoute6 Trade Routes can be extremely useful for jump-starting a city's population growth if the city isn't in a very fertile area.

Likewise, the policy card Arsenal of Democracy provides +2 Civ6Food Food to both cities from TradeRoute6 Trade Routes to an ally's city. Apart from this, international TradeRoute6 Trade Routes very rarely grant Civ6Food Food - they serve other purposes.


There are only two Wonders that grant bonus Civ6Food Food upon completion:

  • Huey Teocalli: +1 Civ6Food Food for each Lake tile in your empire
  • Petra: +2 additional Civ6Food Food yield on all Desert tiles in this city

However, multiple natural wonders grant Civ6Food Food bonuses to the civilizations that own them:

Unique BonusesEdit

There are only a few unique pieces of infrastructure and civ/leader abilities that grant special Civ6Food Food bonuses:

  • The unique district of Kongo, the Mbanza, grants +2 Civ6Food Food.
  • The unique tile improvement of India, the Stepwell, grants +1 Civ6Food Food, +1 Civ6Food Food if adjacent to a Farm, and +1 Civ6Food Food with Professional Sports.
  • The unique tile improvement of Australia, the Outback Station, grants +1 Civ6Food Food, +1 Civ6Food Food for every adjacent Pasture, and +1 Civ6Food Food from every 2 adjacent Outback Stations (after researching Rapid Deployment).
  • The unique tile improvement of Indonesia, the Kampung, grants +1 Civ6Food Food for every adjacent Fishing Boats.
  • Nkisi, the civ ability of the Kongolese, grants them +2 Civ6Food Food for each of their Relic6 Relics, Artifact6 Artifacts, and Sculpture6 Great Works of Sculpture.
  • Grand Barays, the civ ability of the Khmers, grants them +2 Civ6Food Food from Farms adjacent to Aqueducts.
  • Mediterranean's Bride, the leader ability of Cleopatra, grants other civilizations +2 Civ6Food Food from international TradeRoute6 Trade Routes to her cities.
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