Frederick, also known as Frederick the Great, is the leader of the German Civilization.

Total Threat Level: 2

Musical Theme Inspiration: Rondo alla Turca (composed by Mozart) (Amiga version), or Goldberg Variations (composed by Bach) (DOS version)

Frederick the Great (Civ1)

Frederick in the SNES game.

Frederick the GreatEdit

Frederick William II, known as The Great, ruled Prussia for nearly fifty years. Displaying unexpected qualities as a leader and decision maker, he became one of the great generals of history and made Prussia the dominant military power of Europe. He also promoted important reforms at home, patronized the arts, and was a champion of religious liberty. He was considered the epitome of the enlightened monarch and warrior king. Under Frederick, the Germans are very aggressive and a generally unpleasant neighbor. Keep a wary eye on them and don't hesitate if they let down their guard.

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