Using buildingsEdit

Facilities with immediate effectEdit

Some buildings have an immediate effect. The Stockade, for example, provides protection for your colony, and the Docks enable your colonists to go fishing. The effects of these buildings cannot be increased by workers. In the building box at the top right of the colony panel, these buildings are shown in parentheses, like this: "(Stockade)". (Other facilities that you do not build or put units into and that are present at the start of every colony, "Chapel", "Depot", and "Pasture", are shown the same way.)

Facilities that need to be occupiedEdit

Most other buildings do nothing if they are unoccupied, but provide workers with a place to produce manufactured goods. The Tobacconist's House, for example, allows colonists to make Cigars from Tobacco. Place one, two, or three colonists in a building in order to convert raw materials to manufactured goods, which can be sold for higher prices. For each building, there are expert units that work more effectively than Free Colonists. Other units may work less effectively.


Most facilities can be replaced by more productive ones. For example, a warehouse replaces the depot, holding twice as much.

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