The Info Panel

If you are in unit view mode (the default), the info panel in the lower right corner of the screen either shows information about the currently selected unit, or contains a button to end the current turn if no unit is selected. If a unit is selected, then the info panel shows an image of the unit, as well as its name and the moves it has left. If the unit is a carrier unit, such as a ship or wagon train, the info panel also shows the units or goods on board of the carrier. If the unit is a pioneer, the info panel shows the number of tools the unit carries.

If a unit is displayed, you can click on the info panel in order to centre the map on this unit.

If you are in terrain view mode, then the info panel displays the name, owner, defense bonus, movement cost and potential production of the selected tile. You can switch between view modes by pressing Shift-Ctrl-V, or by using the view menu.

Stian Grenborgen 2009-01-14

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