Freeciv (not officially called "FreeCiv") is a multiplayer strategy game, originally conceived as a clone of Civilization for UNIX-like systems.

The game is available in over thirty different languages.


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It is Open Source software released under the GNU General Public License, totally free to download and play. Its development started in 1995, with version 1.0 released in January 1996, which makes it older than Civilization II. Versions 2.4.2 and 2.4.5 were released in February 2014, public beta tests for 2.5.0 started in July 2014. Version 2.5.1, which fixed many bugs, was available in various ways, including Windows, in August 2015. In June, 2016 Freeciv is at version 2.5.4, alpha testing of 2.6 continues.


The game can run in Civ1 and Civ2 compatibility modes, trying to closely emulate Sid Meier's commercial games. However, its Default mode may deviate significantly from the classic games' rules, borrowing concepts from later "Civlike" and other strategy games. (A download of what was thought to be the default version in 2011 looked very like Civ2, apart from the welcome addition of Worker units).

Beginners and other players can select the "Start Scenario Game" option, which includes a tutorial scenario - an ordinary game but with lots of on-screen advice.


The domain was registered in 1998. The website has been hosted on Wikia since January 2007. Its license is not the same as the CC-BY-SA that applies to most Wikia sites, so its text cannot be copied in the usual way.

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