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Napoleon, France's Representative

From Start Cathedral
Ancient Age Knowledge of Pottery
Medieval Age 1/2 price roads
Industrial Age +2 Cannon attack
Modern Age +1 Rifleman movement
Unique Units Trebuchet & Howitzer

The French people represent a civilization in Civilization Revolution.


Era BonusesEdit

The French begin the game with a Cathedral, which appears in Paris when it is founded.

Ancient: Knowledge of Pottery

Medieval: 1/2 Price Roads

Industrial: +2 Cannon Attack

Modern: +1 Riflemen Movement


The French are a strong civilization culturally and militarily. Culturally, they begin the game with a Cathedral, giving them a massive cultural bonus even bigger than the English knowledge of Monarchy. Combined with a knowledge of Pottery, the French can garner a massive head start in building the immensely powerful Hanging Gardens of Babylon wonder. From there, the French play like many other cultural civilizations. Build as many wonders as possible and strive toward Cultural Victory!

French units become very powerful in later eras. +2 Cannon attack will let French players destroy the map quickly, and +1 Riflemen movement and 1/2 cost roads allow the French military to move around quicker than other military powers. Use this to gain outlets to convert enemy cities (if going for a Cultural Victory) or simply push for a Domination Victory.

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