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Fruit (CivBE)

Resource in Beyond Earth

Yields +1 20xFoodBE
Notes None
Being in the equivalent of Earth’s Carboniferous Era, this planet has few angiosperms and, hence, native fruiting plants are rare. First Colonists from the People’s African Union, Commonwealth of the Pacific and Organization of South American States brought a number of hardy tropical plants that produce edible fruit; some of these types survived and thrived under cultivation on this planet, notably durian, ackee, jackfruit, cherimoya, white sapote, tamarind and breadfruit. Indeed, within a half-century these fruiting plants had spread wild across the landmass, competing successfully with the primitive native angiosperms, and have become a staple in the colonial diet. Several native species of cacti do produce a fruit akin to the prickly pear (Opuntia) that has proved nutritious. In addition, some indigenous fungi produce edible sporocarps that fulfill the common definition and role of edible fruit. Finally, a near-relative of the Earth-extinct cordaites produces yew-like berries, and Carboniferous lycophytes of the order Lepidodendrales produce “fruit cones” that are flavorful. Whether gathered wild or cultivated in quantity by colonial farmers, these various types of fruit augment the diet of the Colonists and, in most cases, provide important minerals, vitamins and fibers necessary to sustain human life.

Improved by: Plantation