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Fungal (CivBE)

The Fungal biome is a biome in Beyond Earth.


Described as the most alien of the three, the entire landscape is covered in a thick landscape of mycelium which ranges in color from bleached pink to dark indigo while enormous branched fungal entities form dense pockets of "forest".

Alien BehaviorEdit

In Rising Tide, while the aliens themselves are exactly like their original counterparts in every way, the Miasma on these worlds is far thicker and therefore far more damaging to unadapted humans (as well as far more restorative to aliens and adapted humans)

Civilopedia EntryEdit

A humid world teeming with vivid and massive fungi, Fungal worlds are nevertheless truly strange. Instead of wildlife subsisting on plants and grasses, they seem to rely upon molds and mushrooms. Large mushrooms the size of trees compose fungal forests, and chitin and yeasts coat the terrain, giving it an curious periwinkle hue. The air is often teeming with spores released by these massive immobile toadstools, and in the warmer seasons can become a visibility problem. The wildlife can be seen hiding under broad caps to escape the rain or using the large bacterial colonies found in the grasslands as symbiotic partners. For this reason, on Fungal worlds Aliens are often found to heal more quickly than on other worlds, and they will often linger closer to areas with this boosted Miasma to further strengthen themselves.

Marvels Edit


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